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25 Years Of  Success And Progress

Nadi, founded as a food brand 1994 by CEO Mr. Ahmad Fawad Nadi and given his last name on it as a proof of trust towards his customers.

He has made this company a family business, giving his expectations of highest quality, amazing taste and pure cleanliness further to his youngsters.

A brand which has his origin in a family home to bring nothing but happiness and satisfaction to your homes.


With own retails under the name Nadi Markt 1994 - 2008 in Hamburg and 2003 - 2009 in Kiel.

Following, a wider knowledge of the international aliments market was semiskilled and projected on the selection of what will be the next Nadi artifact.


Presently, Nadi food products are being sold all over Europe, Western part of the US and soon to be the Middle East.

We are always happy to connect with new possible distributors and would proudly give our products to entities who can work in our standards.

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